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Tip Of The Week —— December 5, 2022

It’s no new news that with the colder months also comes colds, flus, stomach bugs, and other forms of communicable diseases.  As endurance athletes we’re often operating with a depressed immune system especially immediately following a training bout.  While ultimately exercising and staying can strengthen our immune system, we need to be extra careful during those more vulnerable times.

There are some steps we can take to help protect ourselves which will then also protect our loved ones and other folks in our lives.

On a lesser note, if you’re sick you will quite likely to be forced to take some time off from training, and I don’t know anyone that will rejoice with that experience. 

The link below will send you to some some great tips from Andy Blow, founder of Precision Hydration, as posted on the TrainingPeaks Blog.  I got to know Andy’s work and expertise through his Precision Hydration certification program, which I participated in a a few years ago.

Simple Tips to Avoid Illness During the Off Season

And honestly, most of them are quite simple.  Stay hydrated.  Eat enough and eat balanced.  Sleep.  Practice good hygiene.  Don’t overdo it.  Sounds like Mom, right?  Well, maybe not the hydrated part at least for my generation, but plenty of good ol’ common sense.  Thanks, Mama!

If you’re more into the graphical breakdown, this is from the IOC that was posted a few years ago also with some good suggestions.

What’s your best “stay healthy” tip?

Post that or questions below.

Stay healthy and well and keep smiling!

​Coach Brian

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